Thursday, January 4, 2018

Erogenous zones by zodiac sign

Every person has unique secrets hidden in their body. How can you discover the erogenous zones on your lover’s body?
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Besides erotic massage and the old fashion way, you can try to discover your partner’s erogenous zones by his zodiac sign.
Aries – His head, play with his hair and nibble on his ears.
Taurus – His neck is a sensitive part of his body. Gently apply sweet kisses along his neck.
Gemini – his hands, the tip of his toes and his shoulders should do the trick
Cancer – Here take care of his chest area and his nipples.
Leo – The back area is where should focus your attention. Gives him a massage with your hands, kiss him gently and breath along the back.
Virgo -the stomach is the key to his pleasure. Kiss him slowly and use your tongue to arouse him.
Libra – things are clear here. The butt is his special place.
Scorpio – Well being a very sexual sign, head straight for the genitals in this case.
Sagittarius – his inner thigh is the secret he keeps is his body. Use hands and toe to play in that area.
Capricorn – The back of his knees. You wouldn’t have guess it right? Focus on that area next time.
Aquarius – Ankles are the secret to arousing him. Again, unpredictable, but he is always full of surprises, isn’t he?
Pisces – The foot is the special place hidden in Pisces book of pleasure. Treat it with care and attention next time!

Try out this recipes and tell us if they were accurate!
If erogenous zones are not discovered by the zodiac sign, try something that involves touching and feeling. At you can find out more about you and your partners erogenous zones. Have fun!

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